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Signature Scent Creation: A Personalized Perfume Consultation
The Lovely Muse Apothecary

Signature Scent Creation: A Personalized Perfume Consultation

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Welcome to Your Scent Journey

Unlock the world of bespoke fragrance with my custom perfume creation consultation.

Consultation & Samples ($175)

Embark on a scent journey with perfumer, Aurelia Corvinus. Through a personalized consultation via zoon, we'll delve into your preferences, fragrance types, personality, and lifestyle to craft a fragrance that's uniquely yours.

Sample Scents Evaluation (2-3 samples included in 2 rounds)

Following the consultation, I'll send you a round of sample scents carefully curated based on your preferences. This crucial step ensures that your final fragrance captures the essence of you. I'll make changes, tweak and perfect your perfect signature person fragrance.

One your fragrance is ready you'll be able to choose from an exquisite range of custom-made fragrances with custom artwork options:

  • Solid Perfume ($150)
  • 10ml Spray ($100)
  • 50ml Eau De Parfum Spray ($300)
  • Parfum Oil ($222)
  • Perfumed Soap (3 bars for $50)
  • Shea Butter Body Cream (2 jars for $50)

Crafted with precision and care, your custom fragrance will be a reflection of your unique style and personality. Start your olfactory adventure today!