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Peace Mantra-Infused Mediation Balm
Peace Mantra-Infused Mediation Balm
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Shakti Sacred Wellness

Peace Mantra-Infused Mediation Balm

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Each meditation balm is infused with energetically aligned essential oils, fragrance accords and intentionally charged for 11 hours with the sounds of sacred mantra and a prayer of intention.

Peace is charged with the sacred Om Shanti, Shanti Om mantra, it is understood that genuine peace originates from harmonizing oneself with the vast expanse of universal consciousness. Through the repetitive recitation of Om Shanti, we seek to forge a deep alignment with this cosmic essence,  forging a profound connection with our innermost being. In this transcendent state, we rise above the clamor of worldly distractions, immersing ourselves in a realm of pure tranquility and peace.

The top of the packaging features with a visually activated Mandala that aligns with the mantric energy of the balm.

Every mediation balm also comes with an altar card with the essence and meaning of the mantra, the words of the mantra, and a Spotify playlist link.


🌿 Top Notes: White Ginger and Marigold

❤️ Heart Notes: Warm Amber and Carnation

🧿 Base Notes: White Musk


Warm with fingers and then apply to pulse points and Chakras before meditation and sleep. Wear daily to increase your vibrational energy.


This is a heavy glass jar containing 1oz | 30ml of meditation balm. 


Refined beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic almond oil, organic avocado oil, and a proprietary energetic aligned fragrance blend.